Monday, May 08, 2006

You've Had One Too Many G And Ts

Match Point

So I saw my first Woody Allen movie the other day, and it wasn't too bad. Normally dramas about relationships and so on bore me to tears (more exploding spaceships and frozen zombies please), but this one was rather witty. Placing the action amongst a bunch of upper class British nitwits was a good move, as such a setting is usually fertile ground for entertainment.

The protagonist is a young tennis instructor named Chris, who lucks into a relationship with a girl from a very wealthy family named Chloe. Unfortunately he develops an unhealthy sexual obsession with Chloe's brother's fiancée Nola, and drama ensues. Part of the appeal for me was the fact that almost every character in the movie was repulsive in some way. Chris himself is the worst offender, a soulless opportunist who hides his disregard for anyone but himself behind deferential politeness. His dimwitted match Chloe is unsympathetic for opposing reasons. Despite being nice and loving she has the most unbelievably insipid, stupid personality, and it's hard to imagine anyone finding her the least bit attractive without the lure of her father's money and influence. Chloe's parents are typical rich twits; the father's a greedy nepotist and the mother an alcoholic harpy. The most appealing character in the movie was Nola, although I may be biased by the fact that she is played by the stunning Scarlett Johansson. She might be a fucked up slapper but at least she's honest about it. However by the end even she starts to go a bit bats.

I have a soft spot for unpleasant stories about unpleasant people, so I rather enjoyed watching their lives fall to pieces. The movie's little theme/gimmick about luck was a bit cute for me, especially towards the end but it didn't intrude much. I might have to check out some of Woody Allen's older, better movies, when and if I ever find time for watching movies again.

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