Monday, May 22, 2006


So I saw my first Kurosawa movie the other night. This unemployment gig is really helping me to catch up on my enculturising! I was really impressed although it wasn't quite what I expected. The ending was a little bit cheese but it was more than compensated by the excellent climactic fight scene, not excellent in a 'wow awesome coreography' way but excellent in that it's probably one of the most honest fight scenes I've ever seen in a film, two guys so shit scared of dying that they can barely hold their weapons for shaking. It's a welcome realistic antidote to my current diet of Steven Erikson and Angel. The movie's presentation of honesty, lies, good and evil is thought provoking too, although I feel somewhat unqualified to offer my own interpretation of such an iconic film. Plus I'm too lazy to write a long post today.

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