Friday, November 04, 2005

A Part Of Me Feels Sick, A Part Of Me Feels Sore

Deftones – Adrenaline

After having my interest in the Deftones rekindled by their new DVD, I decided to fill the last gap in my collection of their back-catalogue by picking up their first album Adrenaline on a recent consumering binge.

There's a reason it's taken me so long to get this album; whenever I've heard it before it just didn't seem that good. But after giving it a few serious chin-stroking listens I've come to the conclusion that, while it is their weakest album, it's still pretty good.

The main problem with the album is that every song, while good on its own, has pretty much the same style and vibe. Plenty of good albums have been written despite suffering from the same shortcoming, but unfortunately at this early stage their song writing skills haven't advanced far enough to pull it off. Their gentle side, which makes them stand out from their nu-metal peers, hasn't really manifested itself yet, and the songs are just one full on thrash fest after another.

But having said that, they're really good full on thrash fests. Chino's vocals are as intense as ever, and you'd have to be deaf not to want to rock out every time you hear Seven Words or Lifter.

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